Sponsor Opportunity


  1. Invest in developing a new generation of young and positive change-makers who are dedicated to social responsibilites and development.
  2. Invest in developing young potential leaders equipped with ethical values.
  3. Invest through your organization’s CSR programs.
  4. Promote your organization and become better known in the South East Asia region and beyond.
  5. Gain publicity and exposure to the SEA community.

Over its 17 years, the course has been empowering and engaging a generation of change-makers around the world. The participants experience their own life transformations as a foundation for positive changes in societies.

You play a critical role in the SEA Life Matters community as it aims to build a network of global and regional partnerships where the cross-cultural understanding is developed and the friendship is strengthened.

The fruits of SEA Life Matters shall be born in the great and genuine support of sponsors, fellows in the network, and volunteers. We do hope you continue to support us in different ways to pay it forward the spirit and results.  Therefore, your sponsorship will be very meaningful to those in needs.



You can sponsor us in either one of these sponsorship types

  • Premier Sponsorship to sponsor the needed fund for the course 2013.
  • Scholarship Sponsorship to sponsor the qualified participants who have potential leadership and strong wills but are in financial difficulties.

Kindly contact us for the detailed proposal!


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