Course 2013

* DATE: 28 June – 07 July, 2013

* VENUE: Dalat City, Vietnam


  • To help develop the skills and character strengths needed to contribute to positive change in today’s world.
  • To expand one’s world view and ability to respond to people and situations.
  • To help each person explore and discover their own distinctive purpose.
  • To provide an opportunity to live, work and study with people from different S.E.A cultures and backgrounds.
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  • Where we are coming from – personal stories, families, values, attitudes, ethnic groups
  • Where we are at – life as it is, discovering meaning, issues, facing up to who we are and what we want to see different. Exploring change starting with ourselves
  • Where we are going – careers, hopes, personal growth, goals
  • Looking at identity and its connection to our background and cultures. Discussion with panel of speakers
  • Reconciliation and forgiveness
  • Relationships and friendships
  • Daily time for reflection and personal assessment.


  • Creating community – exploring useful models and experiences with a panel presentation
  • Involvement in a role play of a real life scenario
  • Managing conflict creatively – learning skills for dealing with conflict.
  • Community service initiatives
  • Understanding Vietnam culturally.


  • Confidence building and creative expression through music, dance and drama workshops
  • Team building recreation, including games and sports
  • Evening celebration and public presentation with the SEA Life Matters program.

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