Exciting Sharing about S.E.A Life Matters Course


Spending a week with SEA Life Matters Course, it was worth than I have thought. I found myself growing up a lot. I did appreciate what I have experienced and learned from this program. I did enjoy time with my family group, and appreciate what we shared to each other.

It was the first time for me to experience this kind of program and it would be my unforgettable memory in my life. I could get experiences from all the speakers and the organizers. I start to open my mind and listen to what other people say. I knew the important of sharing and receiving. Now I love sharing to people with what I have known. I dare to open my heart and say it out to my friends as I did during life story sharing in the family group.

Moreover, I realized that friendship is one of the most important things. Joining SEA Life Matters Course, I got a lot of friends both Cambodian and foreign friends. Finally, I would like to say that I am really delighted spending time with SEA Life Matters Course. It has made my life journey becoming so great. I hope this program will inspire a lot of participant from all the countries across Asia.

~ Song Kimsour (Cambodian Participant)


I have learn a lot of things in LMC, I think LMC has help young people to find the meaning of life. We were introduced by 4 absolute standard values ; honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love. That can make us learn how to accept everything in our life, how to respect everything that comes to our life, and I think everyone has inspiring and motivated to take action by hearing a lot of speeches from some figure during the program.

I  learn about the levels of conflict ; discomforts, incidents, misunderstandings, tension, and crisis. LMC gave lots of chance for me to be creative in solve the problem. By tying to respect others and find directions in quiet time finally I moved to forgive my friends, and brave to mend our relationship. Now we can work together with our fully trust and our relationship better than before. I believe the important of sharing, very powerful and helpful. I saw a lot of people in LMC come with different background such as nationality, race, religion etc, but I believe that everyone wants live in peace and happiness.

~ Wuri Komari (Indonesian participant)

DSC_0074Honestly speaking, I myself would like to say that the first impression in the program was very gorgeous chance in my life-experience because I’ve learnt a lot of new things (knowledge) from both national and international people. The best reflection that I couldn’t forget in live is the way of learning to like, to live and to love each other as one nation in a short period. Basically, I do love the way I adopt and experience myself with friends in all situation. It shows that we learned to help, to care and to be close friends without violence-communication.

That wasn’t only having best friends, but we have more relationship beside friends, it means that we are a family as mother, father, sister and brother. More than that what I didn’t expected to have it came to me like I’ve learned four special words; they are method of Life Matters such as Absolute Honesty, Absolute Unselfishness, Absolute Purity and Absolute Love. These words remind my motivation and commitment until now because I’m always thinking about what I should and shouldn’t do. Moreover, “Love really touches my heart” means I keep my pure heart and good relationship for everyone as my family such as my family, relatives, friends and other people who I know. Starting from first day until last day of S.E.A LMC, I found that I was growing from zero to hero because of experience sharing and warm family during this course.

To some extent, I know I can be an independent person after I joined this program because I can lead myself to live with other mates, group or people in one community. Totally, I got many big benefits from sharing communities that create more friendship meaning that to make a good relationship between us (Cambodian) and people in each country to become closer and closer because we have forgotten the word discrimination.
Last but not least, I can learn how to lead myself more, how to live with different culture, how to keep a good network with people who I love. Besides, I can develop and maintain my life as matters. Only seven day bring me becoming understandable person in society. Fortunately, as I am a former SEA Life Matters Course, I am really appreciated this course since this is the chance for all young generation learn how to define the word “Life, Matters”. Therefore, I may say I am one of many lucky person who can join this amazing course and I hope I can share my experience in this future course in different countries.

All in all, I always keep the good memory in my mind about what we have react with each other both happy and sad time during our 7days last long as a word “Use Less Gain More”. Especially, I believe that I can transmit this special event to my Cambodian people especial youth to build up with their capacity and ownership of changing to love peace and justice and I hope to see more powerful participants in our SEA LMC 2013.

~ Vandy Muong (Cambodian participant)


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